Therapy for Disordered Eating

"Sometimes, when I am raging against my body, I hear it quietly but firmly call out:

'Same team.

Same. Team.




- Dr. Maria Paredes

If you have landed on this page, bravery has clearly led you here. You see other people in your life engage with food and their bodies in a peaceful way, but you cannot figure out the steps to get there. Right now you may be driven by the number on the scale, obsessing over calories and macronutrients, or feeling like you cannot control the amount of food you eat. Peace with food and your body may feel elusive.


In a culture that praises thinness and applauds control over food, the experience of coming home to yourself and your hunger and fullness cues may feel at odds with the social messages you receive. Here is the thing: I trust you, I trust your body, and I trust that you can have a freer relationship with food. 


I work with individuals with disordered eating across the spectrum (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Feeding or Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Classified, and other eating behaviors that do not fit into these strict categories, but impact you and your life). I recognize eating disorders impact people of all identities (body size/shape, gender, race, class status, sexual orientation, and religion). I hold space for you— no matter your experience. 


Treatment for an eating disorder will look different for each client. Often, the process includes gaining awareness of how eating disorder behaviors are serving you, reconnecting with emotion and body awareness, eliminating behaviors and discovering more effective ways of coping with stressors, recognizing and centering unhelpful social messages about food and body outside of ourselves, and cultivating a compassionate and trusting relationship with your body. 


My work is heavily influenced by Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and Body Trust®. I have received training through Be Nourished's Body Trust® Provider Certification program and I am currently a Body Trust provider in training.


I encourage you to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation now so we can get to know one another and discuss your path to healing.