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Counseling for
body shame,
disordered eating, 
perfectionism &

Begin your healing

journey now.


One of the principles of therapy I value most is “radical genuineness.” This principle insists that you and I are both equals. Just like you, I navigate and grapple with being a person in the world who experiences emotional pain and self-defeating thoughts. This shared humanness lays a foundation of equality and respect in our work together.


Your ways of navigating the world will be unique and look different than mine. Our aim is to find ways for you to thrive. 

My approach to therapy is strongly rooted in psychodynamic, relational, and social justice frameworks. I commonly incorporate elements of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy into my practice. I bring honesty and respect to our work together.


I trust your wisdom and see myself as a guide who can help you shift your focus from the external messages of how you "should" be in the world to your own internal wisdom.